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About Sam

I'm a freelance trainer, located in and around Dubai Marina. I'm fully qualified with over 5 years experience in helping clients achieve their full potential.
If it's losing body fat, gaining muscle mass or a specific fitness goal you have in mind I'm your man.


Level 2 diploma in exercise and fitness instructing,
Circuit training
Water based exercise
Health related exercise for children
Studio resistance training
Walk leading
Level 3 nutrition and weight management
Level 3 certificate in personal training


  • Colin Manson 12th May 2015

    I have trained with Sam for over 2 years. Body fat gone from 24% to just under 15%. A number of PB in both fitness and strength. Totally recommend Sam if you want pushed hard.

  • Nael Ghazal 12th May 2015

    I'm 15 years old and I started with Sam almost 6 months ago. Sam has really helped me reach my goals in fitness and has motivated me throughout my workouts. He really focuses on safety and the technique before anything else. I could have never become who I am now without his help.

  • Ziyad Ghazal 13th May 2015

    Great instructing and fitness advice. I trust his nutrition tips because of his long years of study in this field and his qualifications which make him credible.

  • Faten Halabi 19th May 2015

    I have been training with Sam for 6 months and I am very pleased with the progress .. Sam is a very professional dedicated trainer

  • S M 21st May 2015

    I have been training with Sam for almost 4 years and he has changed the way I view fitness. He constantly changes up the sessions and keeps it different to ensure I work all my muscles and of course don't get bored by the same routine. Highly reliable, focused and motivating Sam is overall a dedicated trainer.

  • Rishi Kapoor 25th May 2015

    I have trained with Sam for 8 weeks, and there is a marked difference in fitness & strength. I like the focus on functional training, strength and metabolic conditioning. No traditional cardio, yet my VO2 max has gone up. Highly recommended if you want to be pushed hard, without traditional gym workouts.

  • Rishi Kapoor 25th May 2015

    I've trained with Sam for over 8 weeks. Significant improvement in strength & fitness. I like the focus on form, metabolic conditioning and functional training. No traditional cardio, but the workouts are very intense ! Highly recommend.

  • Manjit Kang 18th May 2016

    Personal Trainer Dubai Recommended
    I would like to recommend my Personal Trainer Sam Woolacott. Who I have been training with for 16 months. Sam is a fully certified, extremely professional, subject matter expert trainer in this field.
    He is extremely approachable, fully understood my personal fitness goals, the way he programed my sessions & his nutritional support helped me lose over 7kgs & I feel great. Sam was flexible in accommodating my training sessions & incorporating them during my busy schedule.
    If your interested Definetley Contact Sam

    # Instagram SamWoolacott_pt_dxbq
    Watts apĀ +971 56 455 2370

  • Anno Visser 27th May 2016

    I've trained with Sam for two years about twice a week. Within no time at all I lost a lot of weight and gained a lot of muscle. The thing with Sam is that he always has interesting exercises which motivate me to go the extra mile. Sam was my personal trainer in fitness first and also we joined the boot camps he was running in the marina on Friday morning. Within those 2 years I didn't get any injuries, which with hind sight was a miracle. After I couldn't train with Sam anymore I trained with others, it became more dogmatic and I got injuries. I lost interest in sport and gained 30 Kg. Sam called me 3 weeks ago and is available again for training, I am glad I am back with Sam. It seems we are going to old way again although I have to be more careful now because of the injuries etc. Sam gave good tips about nutrition some of them after all the years I still eat. The new tips he gave are also very good the Broccoli with onion and fish is really great

  • Kristi Visser 27th May 2016

    Yes ,Sam is the Man. I liked to train with him, he is very dedicated ,he motivates you and gives good advise. His training sessions are interesting, with variations, what keeps you motivated. He also helped my husband to loose weight ,so I happily reccomend him.




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