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About Marco

Hello everybody, my name is Marco, a 26 years old fitness professional from Italy.

My love in the fitness field started in 2007, when I walked in a gym for the very first time as a client. Eventually this activity became a passion, a love for fitness and wellness, and so I said to myself, why don't I turn this passion into a living? For sure it's better to earn an income doing something you love because you don't feel like it’s a job, and you feel more passionate about what you do each day.

I first obtained the Certificate of Fitness Assistant at the European Health and Fitness Association and worked as a Fitness Assistant for 1 year. Then I understood how important it was to have a strong knowledge in this field and I decided that I wanted to become a Fitness Professional. That’s why I travelled to Australia, to achieve the best vocational education. I attended classes in one of the best Australian schools of fitness, the Australian Fitness Academy, where I also obtained other certifications.

For me this is not a job and it is not a stress, it is pure passion and dedication.
I am a professional and determined trainer and I want to share all my knowledge and experiences. I am friendly and open with my clients and I believe it is very important to obtain their confidence to better reach their goals.

"Mens Sana In Corpore Sano"
(A sound mind in a sound body)


-Certificate Iv In Fitness (Personal Trainer)
-Certificate Of Participation "Exercises Guidelines For Children And Adolescents"
-Certificate Of Participation "Exercises Guidelines For Older Adults"
-Certificate Of Participation "Principles Of Athlete Strength & Conditioning"
-Certificate Iii In Fitness (Gym Instructor)
-Certificate Of First Aid - Australian Fitness Academy

-Fitness Assistant (Eqf2)


  • Carolina Campos 12th March 2015

    I've had the pleasure to train with Marco a couple times already. I see his training to be very efficient with great promise of being effective. Marco is catering to my fitness goals and keeps each session new and exciting. Marco brings great energy every time he comes to train me and this helps to motivate me and push myself more. I am happy with Marco and I look forward to our training sessions. I recommend Marco to anyone who is looking to enjoy their training sessions and who is seeking results!

  • Sofia Nikolaou 13th March 2015

    Marco is really professional, punctual, ready for every session with his equipment, plans the session according to your needs, supports and motivates u!!

  • Stefania Mangano 13th March 2015

    Marco is a very competent and enthusiastic trainer. You get involved in his passion for fitness. I recommend him to any person that wants to start a new lifestyle that is healthier and happier as well.

  • Lisa Lowe 15th March 2015

    Marco is a very kind person, he trained both me and my husband in a couples session and we both found him very professional and dedicated. My husband had back surgery 1 year ago and his doctor told him to start doing some exercise. Marco has been very careful and has created a training program for both of us with great consideration of my husband's back surgery. We strongly recommend Marco as we are happy with the progress.

  • Sohail S 16th March 2015

    Marco is a great personal trainer. He is always very positive. He knows how to plan sessions that work and provides great feedback!

  • Vidya Vimal 27th March 2015

    I've been enjoying my sessions with Marco and have improved my strength during the training. I am slowly working towards my goal and loving it, thanks to Marco. He is focused and encouraging, really good to train with. He is also very professional with his methods and in carrying out the training. Highly recommended.

  • Francesco Tamma 6th April 2015

    Marco is a well-prepared trainer. A friendly and funny person, although when working is very concentrated and selects the best type of training for you with the help of the latest tecnology to follow up with your body loss and your heartbeat. He can help you lose weight as well as increase your muscle mass.

  • Christine Nahas 15th April 2015

    Five Stars for my trainer there, Marco. His extensive knowledge of physical training,  and highly motivating, focused, personally tailored and personable approach, make a real difference for one's overall health and sense of well being. His methods of teaching are like no other and he personalizes each routine just to fit your needs.

  • Paula Scalco 3rd May 2015

    I would like to recommend Marco Schillaci! He's a great professional! I'm started with zero fitness level. He listens to your concerns and keep on encouraging you! He will bring all the equipment necessary. Highly recommended! Grazie Marco!

  • Hayley Strifler 8th May 2015

    Marco is friendly, professional and very approachable. His workouts are individually tailored, creative, and often quite fun. I would happily reccomend him, particularly for couples workouts!

  • Peter Szo 2nd September 2015

    He is very organized, very professional, he did change my whole lifestyle, I do enjoy going to the gym! He teached me the right movements, different exercises and he is very funny. Its good to have fun during workout. I absolutely recommend him if you are thinking about him!

  • Thanita Denkaew 13th September 2015

    I have trianed with Marco for almost 3 months now. First time when I met him I was so surprised and impressed with his full-equipment suitcase which he brought to train me and it turned out really useful since my building there was no enough gym equipments to use. Marco is very patient with me as I am a beginner in gym and he always encouraged me to acheive the goal. The atmosphere while training with him was so much fun, he always had a good joke to laugh. And he's very creative with his equipments matching with my work-out programme. So far I have really enjoyed having him as a personal trainer.

  • David W 13th September 2015

    I've had 12 sessions with Marco so far and I'm very happy with my results. I have noticed improvement in my strength and fitness and I'm looking and feeling better. Marco is very knowledgeable and helpful when it comes to the exercises and he is very happy to adapt routines to make the most of the session for you. He always keeps you motivated and pushes you to reach your goals for the session and in the long term.

  • Tara-jade Mercier 18th October 2015

    Marco gave me a very personalised and tailor made personal training experience. He is super professional and very good at what he does. Since his training I have found a love for fitness which I never had before. It was fun, versatile and most importantly showed results. Much appreciated!

  • Maya A. 15th December 2015

    marco is a good personal trainer ,I took classes with him and he was great and very positive and he always push me to do more and more and he made my goal easy to reach …
    it was a great pleasure working with him and sure I will recommend him to all my friends




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