Personal Trainer, Sports Coach
South African
Birth year:

About Jarred

Having been involved in sports from a young age in South Africa, I have always had a passion for health, fitness, and performance. I incorporate diversity into each of the sessions with my clients and always strive to keep them interested and enjoying their training while achieving their goals. I build a good rapport with clients which, in my opinion, is most beneficial in terms of understanding the client as an individual, and from there, tailoring the programs not only to the goals, but to the individual as well. I adopt a ‘never give up’ attitude towards training, which has been the backbone of the results achieved by the clients and I ensure that I am on top of every aspect relating to the clients’ health and well-being. My training specialties include fat loss, muscle gain, muscular endurance, sports specific performance, injury prevention and rehabilitation.


Bachelor of Human Movement Science specialising in Exercise Science and Sports Management
Kettlebells level 1 & 2
Rehab Trainer
Nutrition for Performance
FMS level 1
CPPS certified level 1 & 2 Trainer
9 years experience working in the Health and Fitness industry in Dubai


  • Allan Fulks 24th September 2014

    great trainer.. cares that you make progress and has the ability to keep you on track. have worked with Jarred for over 5 years. helped me reach my fitness goals and then encourage me to create new ones and reach those. Highly recommend Jarred. Straight talking and invested in his clients achievement not just for a better body, but a better life.

  • Clarita De quiroz 24th September 2014

    I have known Jarred for over two years and have been training with him for over a year and a half. Jarred isn't like any other personal trainer and I have worked with many around the world. Your one hour session in the gym is not what you are paying for as this man is an excellent personal trainer and life coach! Jarred loves to see you get those results you want as well as improve your overall wellbeing, diet, fitness, strength and happiness. He works after hours creating diet plans, extra training programs and is always contactable if I ever need anything. Personal training is exactly what is says on the tin. Its very personal and for me there is no other trainer better than Jarred. He is extremely professional and confidential with all of the sessions. I had an injury recently non related to the training and he went out of his way to contact his doctor and followed up almost every day to make sure that I was ok. For me, its impossible to find a trainer like Jarred. My body has completely transformed and the comments I get are incredible. If you want results, professionalism at its highest, trust, experience, tough sessions, more than what you pay for, then Jarred is your man.

  • Leslie Finnegan 25th September 2014

    I was recommended to use Jarred as a personal fitness trainer nearly 7 years ago and since then not only has he helped me achieve the goals and results I want but he has also become a friend (and was a groomsman at my wedding!). Coming from South Africa he has an indepth knowledge and love of nearly all sports and this contributes to the type of training and advice he offers clients as he knows their needs and also the injuries they could potentially face. I myself have had 2 relatively serious injuries in the last 4 years (ruptured achilles and patellar tendon problem) and Jarred has worked with me on getting back to full fitness. He never gave up on me even when I wanted to give up. He understands what is required to 'repair' someone and also has the right programs ready for anyone who wants to take their fitness and conditioning to their next level whatever that might be. Earlier this year I asked Jarred to push me to my next level as I was starting to feel lethargic and bored with my training and as a result of that I was getting out of shape and putting on weight. Since I started training with Jarred again I have lost weight, lost 6% body fat (and still counting), increased muscle mass considerably, am beating my personal bests approx every 2nd week and am on my way to achieving my set targets and goals. His nutritional advice and his attention to detail are benefiting me no end and I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Jarred to anyone. Dubai is a difficult place to find a good personal trainer, in Jarred you have an exceptional one.

  • Nabeel Zafar 9th October 2014

    In the recent past, I had developed a minor spondylitis in my lower spine which added to the lethargic attitude towards working out; with some good online search by my wife on the most suitable personal trainer for myself, I met with Jarrad for the first time to discuss what I was aiming at. What I found pleasant was his attitude towards listening and understanding what I wanted to achieve i.e. to focus more on over all strength enhancement rather than a 6 pack from day one. I am a fussy guy in general, but right from the very beginning that I started working out with him, he always seemed to have the right pace, vigor and technique towards my training regime. He sure can get anal about his reps but that's what one needs when one seeks that extra motivation. What's more pleasing is his inviting and warm nature that balances out all of the boot-camp syndrome trainers generally tend to have which deters people from continuing. Love working out with him. Great guy, great trainer, and a technically sound trainer who has a bag full of tricks to make your body sore like the very first day of your work out.

    Hope he goes easy one me today for this one...

  • Jocelyne Kattar 20th October 2014

    I know Jarred for more than 7 years now and I can say that he is more than a personal trainer. He is a great motivator and a great friend.

    I have passed through ups and downs in my fitness goals along the years and he has never failed to be there for me. He is a very supportive, patient, dedicated and committed person. He is talented and knowledgeable and these qualities make it impossible to fail meeting goals.
    Jarred never fails to make me push further no matter what situation I’m in. I can always relate to his words of encouragement all the way. He never gives up on me!

    I would not hesitate for one moment in recommending Jarred to anyone. Jarred delivers!

  • Gerhard Neumann 4th March 2015

    Jarred Lowson was my personal trainer the last weeks I have spent in Dubai. After participating in several S.M.A.R.T. programs (all of them amazing for themselves), I was looking for that final edge for myself. Some customised training that I could easily apply at home after leaving Dubai for good. It feels pretty much like a privilege that Jarred accepted to train me for the last weeks. He listened to my aims and goals at the initial talks, and it was useful that he was aware of my fitness level due to the programs I did before. I was glad that we spared most of the cardio and focussed during the sessions to what I really wanted to do (or he thought I might, let’s put it that way). During the sessions he got my attention away from the exercise itself, which worked for me, so the exercise became something you just did on the side. He also shows you more ways to enjoy clean nutrition with a diet that surprised me at the beginning. And due to all the chats during the sessions, your coach-client relationships does not feel like that anymore, and rather feels like you are working out with a friend, with the small difference that you are the only one working.. -.-
    Still, although I am more than 6000km away from him, I am still in contact with him. He still feels like my coach, which I truly appreciate. I thank God for that privilege!




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