Personal Trainer
South African
Birth year:

About Reyhana

Growing up in a sport orientated family; I was a competitive figure skater at the age of 9, top track athlete throughout high school, softball player, mountain biker and cyclist. In February 2012 I participated in the Opens Reebok Crossfit Challenge and over 5 weeks of competing, I was ranked in the top 50 of the African region.

As a personal trainer, I enjoy pushing clients to be their best by setting an example in my own personal training. I practice what I preach and I expect my clients to follow suit. I'm here to educate, motivate and innovate.
I believe all of life's challenges are opportunities for growth. Health and wellbeing are at the foundation of everything we do. It takes personal integrity, discipline and dedication to stick with a healthy lifestyle. I also believe there are absolutely no limits but the ones we place on ourselves. Reaching our fitness goals affects all areas of our lives. Movement is change. Change is life. Movement changes life.


5 years Experience CrossFit Athlete
4 years Personal Trainer
Exercise Science certified
CPR & First Aid
Group exercise trainer
Box Fit instructor


  • Cindy-louise Moxon 14th October 2014

    I first met Reyhana at a GloryGirl workout in 2012 and was teamed up with her. What a powerhouse! Loved her energy and how she pushed me through that workout. We have become good friends over the last few years and I highly respect this woman and admire all her accomplishments she has achieved. So proud of her new venture with Iconic fitness. Reyhana goes from strength to strength and is unstoppable!




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