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29th Floor, Silver Tower, Cluster I
Jumeirah Lake Towers (JLT)

About OP Integrated Lifestyle Center

OP Lifestyle Centre is unique recreation and integrated wellness facility. A playground for adults that enhances brain performance, fitness & overall vitality.

Your BODY, MIND AND LIFESTYLE is an intricately connected and complex system. We are here to help you fine tune that system so that you operate at your best for longer.

At OP we integrate BODY, MIND AND LIFESTYLE into a holistic plan that kick-starts a natural chain reaction that makes you healthier, fitter, happier, more focused, more energized, and more youthful.

Your program is personally tailored and monitored to suit you and your needs. It’ll literally change your life, no matter your age or history!

Join the 100’s of members whose lives have already changed using our formula, contact us for your free trial!

  • Nimeesh Suseelan 15th October 2014

    Just had my first ever session here and can highly recommend this hidden gem of a place to workout at! From the people that brought you the Dubai Fitness championship comes the OP Lifestyle Centre.
    OP means olympic playground which is basically a playground for adults to workout at under the watchful eyes of instructor Jack who will really push you and ensure you get a lot out of your workout. They've got everything from monkey bars to ropes and a lot of other really cool 'toys' to workout with. They even offer a free trial class, so even if you're really unsure looking at the pic above, I would highly recommend just turning up for the free session and taking it from there.

  • Samm Medina 16th October 2014

    Did the Kettle Bell class - tough as hell, but focus was always on technique and safety so never felt pressured to lose form for speed. Plus the depth of their knowledge about all aspects of fitness made me feel like I was in safe hands.




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