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FitnessLink was born with one mission in mind: To give people the best understanding about health and fitness here in the Middle East. By linking the UAE's health and fitness industry together, we can now provide you access at your fingertips to all that is health and fitness within this region, and you, can make informed decisions to get involved in a healthier lifestyle.

When we first arrived to the sunny shores of the UAE a few years ago, the wellness industry was quickly expanding with new facilities, events and concepts popping up on a weekly basis. Unfortunately this information was always spread in different pockets, and this made us think - "Wouldn't it be great, if there was one online destination that gave us the knowledge and tools to easily get more involved in living a healthier lifestyle in the Emirates!" Well of course needless to say that this simple thought soon became our passion.

Our passion is to make life easy for you, to find information that covers the health and fitness scene in the UAE and beyond, for both fitness enthusiasts and those working in the industry. It guides you to where you can find your nearest Yoga class, find a qualified fitness professional, where and when fitness events and courses are happening, job opportunities, news from the wellness scene and more. On top of that, you can read what users just like you are saying about local professionals and companies, book onto courses and events without leaving the website and also get exclusive offers and discounts on your favourite UAE health and fitness brands!

We understand everyone's health and fitness journey is unique, so we aim to cover a variety of topics so that there's something to empower and inspire everyone to live that little bit healthier.


And when you get a chance, check out the "Together" tab on the navigation menu, you'll see we've created our own wellness initiatives such as Fit Factor, We've Got Your Back, GROW networking event, and FIT Awards to give back and unite the community that we love, and there's many more of these to come!

Join us as we add more exciting features to our growing online community!


Grant Goes

Grant Goes

Founder and CEO

The kiwi maori with the fire-y, FitnessLink head honcho, fitness presenter and trainer, sponsored athlete, and all-round energizer battery!

Grant Goes

Simona Sotirovska

Co-founder and PR

Health & fitness junkie, marketing/PR/content coordinator, positivity nerd and lover of laughing....loud!

Grant Goes

Aleks Sotirovski

Co-founder and CTO

The behind the scenes magic worker, IT guru, former karate champ and FitnessLink's voice of reason.